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2020 Rent Review Application

Thank you for contacting us about your financial hardship caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a difficult time, and we are happy to review your case with your property’s owner. 

Please note we can only review cases from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) business closures or layoffs.  Rent allows us to pay for your property’s insurance, maintenance, utilities, landscaping, County tax, and more.

Helpful Tips: Congress has boosted Florida’s unemployment benefits, which you can apply for at The federal government will soon send direct cash payments of $1200 to individuals, $2400 to married couples, and an additional $500 for each child.


To have your case reviewed, email with all of the following:

  1. Your full name, address, and unit number.

  2. Documented proof of your job loss or income reduction.  This can include a WARN notice from your employer if you are laid off, or a written message from your employer with their contact information. If you can not provide proof of loss or income reduction, please explain your situation so we have a better understanding.

  3. Documented proof that you submitted a Florida unemployment assistance claim, available at (if applicable).

  4. Your current bank statement.

  5. A short plan on how you can pay rent.  For example “if 4rentFL can waive my late fee, I can pay $500 on April 1 and $500 on April 15.”

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